Rock wool products for ship

★ Taishi marine rock wool products include rock wool board TSM series and rock wool sliver TSWL series, which are developed for ship application requirements. They have fire retardant, thermal insulation, sound absorption and noise reduction, water and moisture resistance, high strength and stability, and environmental protection. Harmless and other characteristics. The TSWL series is cut along the length of the TSM series, and used by turning 90 degrees, the fiber direction is perpendicular to the metal panel, so as to obtain higher mechanical strength and a flatter surface. Performance indicators meet the requirements of A30 and A60, and have obtained CCS factory approval certificate.

Specification model

TSM series

Product numberTSM80TSM120TSM160TSM1200
Apparent density (kg/m³)80120160200
Thickness (mm)30-150
Size (mm)1200×600
Other specifications can be customized according to customer requirements.

TSML series

Product numberTSWL120TSWL150TSWL200TSWL220
Apparent density (kg/m³)120150200220
Thickness (mm)48.5-10023-10023-10023-100
Size (mm)1200×1501200×1501200×1001200×100
Other specifications can be customized according to customer requirements.

Technical Parameters
Product performanceunitTSM80TSM200TSWL120TSWL220Standard
Compressive strength (10% deformation)kPa--8080200EN826
Tensile strengthkPa--150150350EN1607
Combustion performance--Class A1 non-combustibleGB/T10295  ASTM C518
Series thermal conductivity (70℃)W(m·K)≤0.044≤0.044≤0.050≤0.050GB/T10295 ASTM C518
Mass moisture absorption rate%≤0.5GB/T5480  ASTM C1104M
Hydrophobic rate☆%≥99GB/T10299
Acidity coefficient--

Dimensional stability%≤1.0EN1604
TSM series thickness deviationmm±3±3----GB/T19686
TSWL series thickness deviationmm----±0.5±0.5GB/T5480
Melting point≥1000--
Environmental protectionNo environmental protection, no CFCs, HCFCs and HFCs
The above data is for reference only, and the company reserves the right to improve product performance with the improvement of production equipment and technology.

Typical application

The TSM system is used for filling various walls of ships and wrapping around pillars and beams, playing the role of heat preservation and heat insulation, sound absorption and noise reduction, fire prevention and flame retardancy. TSWL series products are mainly used as the core material of marine composite panels, and are ideal materials for marine composite panels such as wall panels and ceilings used for interior decoration on ships and offshore platforms.

Packaging and storage

In order to facilitate construction, transportation and storage, the product is packaged in polyethylene heat shrinkable film, and should be stored in a dry and ventilated space, or covered with a waterproof drape during storage.

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