Fireproof black cotton

★ Taishi fireproof black cotton board is specially designed and produced for the fire protection and heat preservation of opaque curtain wall structure. The product is dark brown in appearance, has high temperature resistance (melting point over 1150℃), high temperature linear shrinkage and extremely low high temperature linear shrinkage characteristics. At the same time, it has good Water-repellent, moisture-proof performance, good heat preservation effect, and will not cause corrosion to metals. After system testing, the fire resistance limit of this product exceeds two hours. It is especially suitable for the insulation of curtain walls and the surrounding and interlayer fire-proof sealing of door and window frames that require high fire-proof grades.

Specification model
Apparent density (kg/m³)80110
Thickness (mm)100100
Other specifications can be customized according to customer requirements.

Technical Parameters
Product performanceunitTSFB80TSFB110standard
Thermal conductivity (25℃)W(m·K)≤0.040≤0.040GB/T10294 EN13162
Thermal conductivity (25℃)W(m·K)≤0.040≤0.040GB/T10294 EN13162
Combustion performance--Class A1Class A1
Maximum use temperature650750
Linear shrinkage%<1<1ASTMC356
Thermal load shrinkage temperature600700GB/T11835
Fire resistance limit structural integrityH1.51.5
Fire resistance limit structure heat insulationH1.51.5
Hydrophobic rate%≥99≥99GB/T10299
Acidity coefficient--≥2.0≥2.0GB/T5480
The above data is for reference only, and the company reserves the right to improve product performance with the improvement of production equipment and technology.

Typical application

1. The fire insulation system of non-transparent curtain wall structure.

2. The filling of the structural gap between the curtain wall structure and the floor slab, partition wall, beam or column is used as a fire plug to effectively block the penetration and spread of fireworks and heat flow.

Packaging and storage

In order to facilitate construction, transportation and storage, the product is packaged with polyethylene heat shrinkable film. Should be stored in a dry, ventilated room.

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